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Sakata Inx (India) Private Limited (formerly known as Sakata Inx (India) Limited) is a 100% subsidiary of Sakata Inx Corporation, Japan.

Sakata Inx Corporation Japan was founded in the year 1896 and is now a global ink manufacturer and has a strategic alliance with Toyo Inks on a worldwide basis. SIC expanded overseas in 1948 and has over 80 major bases worldwide.

It is strategically located in United States of America, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Canada, Philippines and other regions for handling its diversified business interests.

Sakata Inx Corp. is a comprehensive provider to the printing & packaging industry. Its R&D activities have developed printing inks on the cutting edge of technology such as water based & solvent based flexographic & gravure inks for flexible films, newspaper inks, offset inks for packaging & commercial applications, metal decorating inks for cans, water based & solvent based overprint varnishes and several additives.

The technology and manufacturing process is currently ahead of similar products available in the market. It manufactures world renowned Gravure Lamiall® (poly urethane resin base) range of liquid inks for reverse printing on several flexible substrates such as treated PET, BOPP, Nylon, PVDC coated film, Cellophane for packaging purposes especially for food products. In addition to this, other gravure inks include Lamitop - Reverse printing inks, DX-60, DLO, DX-FR range of surface printing inks and shrinkable PVC inks.


Sakata Inx (India) Private Limited commissioned its state of art production facility at Bhiwadi, Rajasthan in November 1998.

This plant has developed high quality gravure printing inks tailored to the specific needs and environment of the region for the flexible packaging segment for both surface and reverse printing. The products introduced conform to international standards for food grade packaging and results into printing with extremely low solvent retention levels and high laminate bond strengths.

Sakata Inx (India) Private Ltd. had also pioneered a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to produce offset inks conforming to international standards. In Sept'05, we launched our offset inks in India. These inks are designed based on cutting edge technology, are environment friendly and give good value for money. Ecopure - I range of offset ink gives offset printers unmatched advantages of low dot gain, stable ink-water balance, consistent density, high gloss, very low water pick-up and high rub resistance.

Sakata Inx (India) Private Limited is an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007 certified company by TUV Management Service GmbH. As well as the renewable Sony Green Partner Certification for offset Ecopure-I range of products in 2008 and in 2009, pre registered with a REACH, a prerequisite to export to the European union.

In Indian market Sakata Inx is already identified as a supplier of high performance , high productivity consistent inks which is backed by high level of technical servicing and innovative approach to work closely with customers.


Sakata Inx (India) Private Limited is also coming up with a New Manufacturing Facility in Panoli, near Ankleshwar (Gujarat). Construction at a site of 20 Acres has already commenced and is in full swing. For more information please click here

As a corporate theme, we at Sakata Inx Corp. will strive to improve the life style of society through creative Visual Communication Technology. We promise creativity in the enhancement of communications culture which will enrich the life style of society, as the basis of our existence. As corporate objectives, we set forth to become creative, refined and full of vitality. We shall be responsive, flexible, innovative and progressive.

Our corporate strategies to achieve the above objectives are as follows:

  • Customer satisfaction is our primary objective.
  • We take an aggressive approach toward business development.
  • Individuals seeking challenge will be held in high esteem
  • We place emphasis on creativity.
  • We adhere to fair business practices
  • We place emphasis on the corporate mind and rewards for achievement.

We shall always act, work with the frame of mind that "We always care."

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Sakata Inx (India) Private Limited currently manufactures all types of Gravure Printing inks.

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